Par Value of the Stock!

The par value of Apartment Amplifier Inc is rated at One Million Dollars. A few other investors and I decided to put our money up instead of just running our mouths about wanting to help other people out! This allows for adequate capital and equity to insure that Apartment Amplifier Inc will almost always provide ample dividends on other investor’s investments, in addition to growing our original investment. Thus it’s a win-win deal for all investors and stock holders.

  • Par Value of Company Stock $1,000,000
  • No Ridiculous Wall Street Games will not be Played or Tolerated within Apartment Amplifier Inc!
  • No Golden Parachute for the CEO or the Directors because they only make money from stock Dividends
  • Everybody on the Team has a built in Financial Interest on making Dividends on their Stock
  • No Fuzzy Math
  • No Off Shore Hiding of Debt

No 65,000,000 Baby Boomers trying to Pull their Cash or Stock Out of Apartment Amplifier Inc over the Next 20 Years Apartment Amplifier Inc is not just the INTELLIGENT CHOICE…it’s the ONLY CHOICE…invest in Apartment Amplifier Inc stock for only a dollar a day and quickly enhance your family’s income and net worth immediately! Secure your future by investing in an extraordinary company that is “SIMPLY RUTHLESS” in it’s pursuit of profits!

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