Who Can Invest?

So who should invest in Apartment Amplifier Inc? That’s a magnificent question and the answer is Anyone and Everybody should!

  • Anyone and Everyone Who is of Consenting Legal Age can Own Stock in Apartment Amplifier Inc
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  • You Don’t need to be a United States Citizen or even a Resident of the United States to Own Stock in Apartment Amplifier Inc
  • Any Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Sole Proprietors, or Any other kind of Investment groups, from around the World are Welcome and can Own Stock in Apartment Amplifier Inc

Apartment Amplifier Inc Stock can be Held in a Family or a Corporation Trust consequently protecting You and Your Family from Frivolous Lawsuits Once you own the Apartment Amplifier Inc stock it can be sold, borrowed against, transferred to anyone you desire, the company will have perpetual existence thus, permitting you to do with it whatever your demands are or past it down to future generations to reap the benefits of your hard work and to add to your legacy!

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