The Dreadful Shape of America...

Generations before us relied on defined benefit pension plans to ensure our lifestyle in retirement. This generation and future generations will not be afforded the same luxury. There is one thing this economic and financial downturn has taught every one of us is that there are no sure things in life. You personally must take responsibility for your financial future and mange it well. It’s estimated that only about 20%-30% of both private pension and governmental pension plans are now fully funded.

To how much worse it is going to get for those people living under this fail government regime we can glimpse from the warning issued last week by Neil Barofsky, who is the Special Inspector General for the US Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), that American taxpayers may be on the hook for as much as $23.7 Trillion to bolster the economy and further bail out financial companies.

With the United States Government already over $13 Trillion in debt and fast approaching the staggering sum of nearly $110 Trillion in unfunded liabilities Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, governmental retirement pensions etc., and the American people themselves holding over $16 Trillion in personal debt Mortgage, Consumer, Credit Card, and Personal Debt it is no wonder that China which yesterday became the World’s second largest economy this past week July 2010 declared that the United States was bankrupt and announced plans to ditch the US Dollar as a peg for their own currency.

Social Security’s Gloomy Numbers

  • Social Security is Not a Right Research FLEMMING V. NESTOR 363 U.S. 603
  • Social Security's Unfunded Liability is $17.5 trillion dollars
  • 6 in 10 Americans Fear they Won't get a Cent from Social Security
  • The Average Amount a person on Social Security Receives around $650 per month.
  • 85% of Americans 65 years and Older Depend on Social Security for More than Half of their Income.
  • U. S. Treasury Department reported to Congress U.S debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015

State pension plans According to the Pew report there's a $1 trillion gap between the $3.35 trillion in state pension plans.

  • 84% of State Retirement plans are Underfunded
  • States Underfunded their Pension Plans and Retiree Health Benefits by $1 trillion in 2008, a New Report says
  • The Pew Center on the States, says 21 States had Less than 80% of the Money they Needed to Pay for Future Retiree Pensions
  • There is a High Chance a Majority of the States within the United States of America could File for Chapter 9 bankruptcy
  • 46 out of 50 States have Billions of Dollars in Budget Shortfalls

Here is a short sampling of famous publicly traded companies that have unfunded pensions!

  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Deficit: $3.5 billion Funding Status: 70%
  • Exxon (XOM) Deficit: $3.4 billion Funding Status: 69%
  • Chevron (CVX) Deficit: $2.6 billion Funding Status: 69%
  • General Dynamics (GD) Deficit: $2.3 billion Funding Status: 68%
  • PepsiCo (PEP) Deficit: $1.8 billion Funding Status: 72%
  • Kraft Foods (KFT) Deficit: $1.1 billion Funding Status: 83%

The American people!

The fears being expressed by former high US Government Officials and financial experts is that our country and the working class is being destroyed, unfortunately, the truth is borne out by the facts, which include

  • 83% of all US Stocks are in the Hands of 1% of the People
  • 61% of Americans Always or Usually Live Paycheck to Paycheck, which was up from 49% in 2008 and 44% in 2007
  • 66% of the Income Growth between 2001 and 2007 Went to the Top 1% of all Americans
  • 36% of Americans say that They Don't Contribute Anything to Any Retirement Savings Plan
  • A Staggering 43% of Americans have Less than $10,000 Saved up for Retirement
  • 24% of American Workers say that they have Postponed their Planned Retirement Age in the Past year
  • Over 1.4 million Americans Filed for Personal Bankruptcy in 2009, which Represented a 32% Increase over 2008
  • Only the top 5% of U.S. households have Earned Enough Additional Income to Match the Rise in Housing Costs since 1975
  • For the First Time in U.S. History, Banks own a Greater Share of Residential Housing Net Worth in the United States than all Individual Americans Put Together.
  • In 1950, the Ratio of the Average Executive's Paycheck to the Average Worker's Paycheck was about 30 to 1 since the year 2000, that Ratio has Exploded to Between 300 to 500 to One
  • As of 2007, the Bottom 80% of American Households Held about 7% of the Liquid Financial Assets.
  • The Bottom 50% of Income Earners in the United States now Collectively Own Less than 1% of the Nation’s Wealth
  • Average Wall Street Bonuses for 2009 Were Up 17% when Compared with 2008
  • In the United States, the Average Federal Worker now Earns 60% More than the Average Worker in the Private Sector
  • The top 1% of U.S. Households Owns Nearly Twice as Much of America's Corporate Wealth as they did Just 15 Years Ago
  • In America Today, the Average Time Needed to find a Job has Risen to a Record 35.2 Weeks
  • More than 40% of Americans Who Actually are Employed are Now Working in Service Jobs, which are Often Very Low Paying
  • The First Time in US history, More than 45 million Americans are on Food Stamps, and the US Department of Agriculture Projects that Number will go up to 47 Million Americans in 2011
  • This is What American Workers now Must Compete Against in China a Garment Worker Makes Approximately 86 cents an Hour and in Cambodia a Garment Worker makes Approximately 22 cents an Hour
  • Approximately 21% of All Children in the United States are Living Below the Poverty Line in 2010 the Highest Rate in 25 Years
  • Despite the Financial Crisis, the Number of Millionaires in the United States Rose a Whopping 16% to 7.8 Million in 2009
  • The Top 10% of Americans Now Earn around 50% of our National Income
  • Between the Years of 2007 to 2010 the Amount of US Government Spending as a Percentage of their GDP was Around 38%
  • In the Great Depression Unemployment in the United States Peaked in early 1935 at 25%
  • The True Number of People Unemployed in the Untied States Today has Reached over 22% and is Still Climbing Note Record Numbers of People No Longer Looking for Work are Not Included in the Official Unemployment Figures Touted by the Obama Administration
  • Home Foreclosures in the United States in 2008 Topped those of the Great Depression of the 1930’s

It’s painfully obvious that Wall Street is a rigged game that was set up to take money from the hard working middle class, that the government has debts as far as your eyes can see, and that the government has failed the working class by allowing companies to move overseas, and that Social Security is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme which has run out of investors “aka working people” paying taxies to in turn pay the people who have paid into this Ponzi Scheme it there entire working life.

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