About the CEO

Hi my name is Gunnar Dylenn I’m one of the original investors that help start Apartment Amplifier Inc. I was voted to be the companies CEO Aug 25, 2008. So why did we get together to create this company?

To facilitate as many investors to become as successful as possible and at a rate that ANYBODY and I do mean ANYBODY can afford! We at Apartment Amplifier Inc want to assist you in becoming rich. We want to utilize my expertise in helping others with their retirement problems with all the pension plans both Private and Governmental, to help the 65,000,000 million baby boomers who are relying on false promises of Social Security to subsidize their retirement income. Here is my historically proven track record of success!

  • Have been Studying Apartment Buildings for Over 25 Years
  • Collage Graduate and Majored in Real Estate
  • Professionally Managed Many Apartment Buildings of Varying Sizes
  • Apartment Building Expert
  • Creative Financing Specialist
  • Self Made Man
  • Best Selling Author of The Wealth Amplifier System
  • Destroying Wall Streets Averages by 7%-11% Every Year
  • Defeating Inflation by 5% to 8% Every Year
  • Devastating all Fixed Income Indexes by 9% to 15% Every Year

As you can clearly see I’m the best man for this job. I have been training for this company and this situation my whole life. I aspire to make your retirement plan as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. If you’re serous about investing and want a real company with amazing yearly returns and an incredible future growth look no further than to the obvious choice of Apartment Amplifier Inc. Apartment Amplifier Inc is not just the INTELLIGENT CHOICE…it’s the ONLY CHOICE…invest in Apartment Amplifier Inc stock for only a dollar a day and quickly enhance your family’s income and net worth immediately! Secure your future by investing in an extraordinary company that is “SIMPLY RUTHLESS” in it’s pursuit of profits!

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